The Pickle app offers skilled tradespeople guaranteed pay, flexible working hours and a great work/life balance.

As a tradesperson, don’t you just hate it when…

Large companies (over)charge the customer with emergency call out rates that you only get paid a fraction of?

A lack of leads or opportunities means you can’t work for yourself?

You struggle to grow your own business and keep call out fees low?

You have to travel to get to jobs…

You’re not as well known in your local community as you’d like?

If so, the Pickle app is for you.

Work for yourself, in your local area, on your terms.

No more dry patches. Get paid regularly doing the jobs you want to do!
Get your call out fee paid automatically.

Tell us when and where you want to work and the kind of jobs you want.

Serve your local community. (Each call out is mapped to the nearest available trusted tradesperson).

Build your reputation locally – no stress.

Do business without having to speak a lot on the phone.

Simply download the app and fill in your details.

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